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Product Index 
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Replacement Battery for Seko DD1 Drain Dosing Unit


10 litre Biodegradable Compostable Liners

11-20 Person Catering First Aid Kit

120cm Wooden Broom Handle

15G Copper Scourers

18mm Bypass Secateurs


25L Kentucky Bucket - Press

25mm Cleaning Brush

28L Polish Applicator Bucket


48G Galvanised Steel Scourer


50 Litre Biodegradable Compostable Refuse Sacks


60 watt UV-C tube Air purifier Air-160


9 Litre Round Buckets


Accident Record Book HSE Compliant Injury Record Journal

Action Pro 30L Double Bucket

AH 1000ml Automatic Foaming Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

AH Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - 700ml

Air-160 Air Purifier

Air-300 Air Purifier

Airmosphere Surface Shield HOCL Room and Hand Sanitiser

Andrex Premier Toilet Rolls

Ant Killer Dual Action Kit

Anti Fog Shield 25ml

Anti Rodent Spray

AnZupp Fragranced Hand Sanitisers

AnZupp Green Serene Squeaky Clean Antibacterial Soap 6 x 500ml

AnZupp Pro Aqua Hand Soap

AnZupp Pro Body and Hair Wash

AnZupp Pro Pink Pearlised Soap

AnZupp Unfragranced Hand Sanitiser

Assorted Colour Sponge Cloths


B and G 2600 Fogger

B and G 2600 Fogger With 48 Inch Hose

Balcony Guard Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent

BASF Mouse Bait Station Kit

BASF Rat Bait Station Kit

Bendy Dust Buster Kit

Bio Citra Clean 5L Concentrate

BioZone Advanced Air Purification System

Birchmeier 8 Amp Battery for Birchmeier Rec 15 PC4

Birchmeier AS 1200 Battery Spray Blower ULV Cold Fogging Unit

Birchmeier NF 125 Fine Hollow Cone Nozzle 50 Micron at 6-bar

Birchmeier REC 15 PC4 15L Battery Backpack 50 Micron Disinfectant ULV Cold Fogger

Birchmeier RPD 15 ABR Back Pack Compression Sprayer

Birchwood Cocktail Disk Stirrer 180mm

Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel by Bird-X

Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres

Bird Repellent Gel Cartridge

Bird Spike Installation Kit

Black Duct Tape

Black Refuse Sack Heavy Duty 110L 18x29x39 20Kg 200g

Black Second Skin Gloves - XL

Blue Centrefeed Rolls 2PLY 400SHEET VALUE

Blue Detectable Plaster 5 Assorted Types In Plastic Case

Blue Hygiene Squeegee

Bolle Contour Anti Mist Safety Spectacles

Brabantia Size E S Bin Liners 20 Litre 20 Bags Roll

Brasso Liquid Metal Polish 1 Litre

Broom and Handle Set

Broom with 11 inch Head And Fixed Handle

Brush Strip - 20mm Bristle - 2m Length - 180 Degree

Brush Strip - 30mm Bristle - 2m Length - 180 Degree

Brush Strip - 50mm Bristle - 2m Length - 180 Degree

Brush Strip - 70mm Bristle - 2m Length - 180 Degree

Brush Strips 180 Degree

Bulkysoft 10 inch Wiper Rolls - 2 Ply Luxury

Bulkysoft 2 Ply Luxury White Couch Rolls

Butchers Aprons

Buzz Doorway Insect Curtain

Buzz Fly Screen For Windows


Cable Ties 200mm X 4.8mm - Black Standard Nylon

Cardboard Rodenticide Mouse Box- 10 Pack - Indoor Use Only

Carry Bag 45L

Case Of Soap Filled Pads

Catering Aluminium Foil 75 Meter length 30cm

Catering Quality Tea Towel

Catering Sponge Scourers

Chargrill Brush Scraper and Long Handle

Cheeky Panda 3-Ply Toilet Tissue

Cheeky Panda Luxury Hand Towels Z Fold Bamboo

Chemtex Chemical Resistant Coveralls - XL

Cleaning and Maintenance Gloves

Cleaning Cloths

Clear Compactor Refuse Bags Heavy Duty

Cocktail Sticks

ContinU 2 in 1 Anti Microbial Wipes

Continu 2 in 1 Anti-Microbial Surface Cleaner

Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam

Contract Non Woven All Purpose Cloth

Contract Scouring Pads

Contract Sponge Scourers

Coreless 2ply Toilet Tissue

Covid 19 (Sars-Cov-2) Antigen Test Kit

Cream Cleaner


Deadline De-Odourising 24.5g Sachets By Rentokil

Deltaplus Safety Gloves - Polyester Nitrile Foam Coating - VE722

Deluxe 12L Mop Bucket

Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer

Digrain Clean Disinfectant Concentrate (Makes 1000 litres)

Digrain Fumite OPP Disinfectant Smoke Bomb

Disposable Dupont CHF5 Tyvek Classic Hooded Suits

Disposable Plastic Glasses

Dissolve Tech Superior V Fold Hand Towel 2Ply

Dual Warning Wet Floor Sign

Dyson Airblade AB14 Hand Dryer dB Grey


Ear Defenders

Ear Plugs

Earthcare odour removal bag

Economy Yellow Duster

Empty Spray Bottle 1L

EntirePro Descaler Limescale Remover Concentrate

Enviro Clean Pro Enzyme Drain Cleaner Maintainer

Evotex Versatwin Micro Mini Toilet Rolls 125m

Extra Long Oven Glove

Extra Strength Vac Fresheners For Pet Lovers


Face Shield Disposable Single Use

Filter Air purifier Air-160

Fire Exit Vinyl Sign

First Aid Vinyl Sign

Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive

Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Soudal

Fix All High Tack SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Grey

Fix All Turbo Super Fast SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - White

Fix All Turbo Super Fast SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - White - Soudal

Floor stand Air-160

FlowFlex Single Covid-19 Test Kit

Fluorescent Tracking Dust 250g

Fly Screen Roll - 1.2m x 30m


GCG Sterihand Hand Sanitiser - Alcohol Based

General Purpose Mixed Coloured Rags

Genus Atrapafly 9W Electric Fly Killers

Genus Atrapafly Replacement Glue Boards

Genus Cobra Electric Flying Insect Killer Range


Granular Salt

Grimeeez Multi Wipes

Guanaway Avian Disinfectant Cleaner


Handle Hygiene Liquid Refill Bottles Steri-7 Xtra RTU 4x1L

Handle Hygiene Starter Kit

Hayes Bulk Pack White 2ply Toilet Tissue

Hayes Bulkysoft Hand Towels

Hayes Green C Fold Hand Towel 1ply

Hayes Sirius 320 Sheet 2 Ply Toilet Roll

Hayes Softelle Luxury 2Ply Toilet Rolls

Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths

Heavy Duty Large 330mm Dustpan and Brush Set

Heavy Duty Riggers Gloves

Heavy Gauge Polythene Waste Sack - Pack of 10

High Visibility Safety Vest


Insect Proof Aluminium Weldmesh 1.2m x 30m

Insectaclear STRONG for Mattresses Carpets and Bedding

Insecto Fly and Wasp Destroyer

Insecto Insect Fogger

I-Trap 30 Glueboard

I-Trap 50 Glueboard


Jeyes Fluid Concentrate Disinfectant

Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser Plastic


Katrin C-Fold Hand Towels

Katrin Lambi Satin 3ply Toilet Rolls

Katrin Plus Interleaved Hand Towels

Kimberly Clark 20 inch Couch Roll Dispenser

Kitchen Rolls - 3 Ply

Kleenex Ultra Interfold Hand Towels

Kraft Brown SOS Takeaway Carrier Bags Large

Kraft Lunch Brown Napkins 33cm 2Ply


Lacor Disposable Piping Bags

Lightweight Floorcloth

Linen Union Glass Cloth

Liquid Funnel

Long Handled Scraper

Lunar Air Charm Air Freshener

Lunar Air Charm Replacement Gels

Lunar Automatic Soap Dispensers

Lunar Manual Soap Dispensers

Lunar Spraytec Air Freshener

Lunar Spraytec Spray Refill Cans

Lunch Napkin - 2 Ply - White


Magnum Blue Lightning Hand Dryers

Magnum Chord Hand Dryers

Magnum Multi-dri Hand Dryers

Magnum Sanitary Bins

Magnum Standard Hand Dryers

Magnum Super Hand Dryers

Mask Shield 25ml

Maxifly Fly Trap Including 2 x Maxifly Bait and 2 x Maxidry Sachets

Medium Polycarbonate Pigeon Spikes - 5 Metre Kit

Medium Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes - 5 Metre Kit

Metal Scraper

Metal Shovel

Mini Check Cotton Tea Towel

Mini Jumbo 2 ply White Toilet Roll


Narrow Polycarbonate Pigeon Spikes - 5 Metre Kit

Narrow Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes - 5 Metre Kit

Nitrile Gauntlets

Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves

No12 PY Swift Socket Mop

No12 Twine Swift Socket Mop

No14 PY Swift Socket Mop

No14 Twine Swift Socket Mop

No16 PY Swift Socket Mop

No16 Twine Swift Socket Mop

Non Adhesive Tape


Oa2ki Organic Pesticide Free Insect Powder Puffer

Oa2ki Pesticide Free Organic Insect Trigger Spray

Oa2ki Professional Pesticide Free Insect Concentrate

Optima Guardian Plus Antibacterial Cloths

Optima Heavy Duty 14L Mop Bucket

Optima Magic Sponge Erasers

Optima Regular All Purpose Cloth

Optima Semi All Purpose Cloths

Optima Swift Multi Purpose Cloths

Optima Universal All Purpose Cloth

Orange Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers

Organ-X Desi-Dust (Diatomaceous Earth Powder)

Ornaway Optical Bird Repellent Gel Pre Filled Dishes


Paper Napkins 33cm 2Ply White

Paper Straw 8 Inch Dark Blue Stripe

Papernet Quilted Soft Toilet Rolls

Pebble Salt

Pedal Bin Liners - Bin Bags 10 Litre

Pelican Pump

Pest Stop Large House Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pest Stop Small House Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

PestFix Bait Box UniKey

PestFix Battery Powered Handheld Sprayer

PestFix Mouse Snap Trap

PestFix Professional White Beekeeper Coveralls And Veil

PestFix Rat Snap Trap

Polycarbonate Face Shield

Pouring Jug 2 Litre

Powdered Vinyl Gloves - Large

PPE Kit Professional - One Person Kit

Premium Hand Scourer

Preventavent Rodent Proof Air Brick Covers

Pro 30L Mopping System

Pro Gloss Plastic Waste Bin - Blue (Case of 5)

Pro Gloss Plastic Waste Bin - Purple (Case of 5)

Pro Gloss Plastic Waste Bin - White (Case of 5)

Pro Gloss Plastic Waste Bins

Professional Scouring Pad

PX ULV Disinfectant

PY Kentucky Mop Heads

PY Swift Metal Socket Mop


RACAN Dife Grain Rat and Mouse Killer Grain Bait 6 x 25g Sachets

RACAN Force Grain Rat Killer Grain Bait 6 x 25g Sachets

RACAN Force Paste Rat Killer 15 X 10g Sachets

RACAN Force Paste Rat Killer Station With 6 x 10g Sachets

RACAN Rapid 8 x 10g Paste Sachets

RACAN Rapid Paste Pre-Baited Mouse Killer Station

RatGuard1 Metal Bait Station

RatGuard1 Metal Bait Station Key

Rational Oven Cleaning Tablets

Ratto Morto Amateur Use Rodenticide

Red Dustpan and Brush Set

Red Top Fly Trap - Fly Killer

Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker - 4 pack

Rentokil Ant Killer Gel - Twin Pack

Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap

Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap Refills Twin Pack

Rentokil Clothes Moth Killer Cassette - 4 Pack

Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette Unit

Rentokil Insectrol Crawling Insect Killer

Rentokil Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait

Rentokil Mouse Killer Indoor Bait Box - Twin Pack

Rentokil Prebaited Fast Action Mouse Killer Bait Station

Rentokil Rat and Mouse Weatherproof Blocks

Rentokil Rat Killer Outdoor Bait Box - Pre-Baited

Rentokil Rodine Rat and Mouse Killer Grain Bait Sachets

Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam - BEST SELLER

Repair Express Cement Grey

Respair E Disposable P3 Valved Face Mask

RHP PY Socket Mop 235G

RHP PY Socket Mop 285G

RHP Twine Socket Mop 235G

ROMAX Rodent Seal


Safety Boots

Safety Glasses Clear Lens

Sanitary Bag Dispenser White

Sanitary Bag Refills 25 pack

Sanitary Bin Liner Bag Roll (100)

Sanitary Bin Scented Satchets

Seagull Spikes in Stainless Steel 5 Metre Kit

Shine Microfibre Cloth

Single Sheet Waiters Restaurant Order Pads 100 Sheets

SoChlor DST Disinfectant Tablets X 200 Effective Against COVID-19 EN14476 Certified

Soft Brush

Soudal Silirub N Silicone Adhesive Clear Low Modulus

Sprint Hard Surface Cleaner

Stainless Steel Griddle Scraper

Standard 15L Mop Bucket

Standard Jumbo 2 ply White Toilet Roll

Standard Scouring Pad

Standard Yellow Duster

Star Smart One Toilet Tissue

STERI-7 BiomiST ULV Fogger Unit

STERI-7 HALO High Level Disinfectant Concentrate - Food Safe

STERI-7 XTRA Biocidal Hand Rub

STERI-7 XTRA Biocidal Hand Wash

STERI-7 XTRA Concentrate Disinfectant Cleaner

Steri-7 Xtra Disinfectant (RTU) Ready to Use

Steri-7 Xtra Disinfectant Wipes

STERI-7 XTRA Hand Sanitiser Gel Squeeze Bottle Helps Fight Covid-19 Spread

Steri-7 Xtra Vehicle Sanitising Spray with Free Microfibre Cloth

Stockinette Rolls

Storm Ultra Secure 11 X 0.275KG Bait Blocks

Storm Ultra Secure 7 X 0.15KG Bait Blocks

STUF-FIT Copper Mesh Wire

Sun Cream Double Dispenser Kit SPF50 (2X 1L) - Kids Variant

Sundstrom Half Mask SR100

Sundstrom SR 510 P3 Particulate Filter

Sundstrom SR200 Silicone Full Face Mask

Surface Shield Advanced Hypochlorus Formula Alcohol Free

Surface Shield Advanced Hypochlorus Formula Wipes Bucket

Surface Shield Advanced Sanitisation Robot

Surgical 3-Ply Face Mask Fluid Resistant Ear Loop - 50 Pack


Telescopic Dome Duster

The Buzz Aluminium Chain Fly Screen For Doors

The Buzz Fly Killer Papers 8 Pack

Thick Bleach BHSUK

Thin Bleach 2x5L

TisSofty - Embossed 2 Ply White Centrefeed Rolls

Tork Smart Toilet Tissue

Trapper Monitor Insect Trap by Bell Labs

Trappit BB Detector Plus Bed Bug Monitor

Trappit Black Stripe Delta Moth Trap With Clothes Moth Lure

Trappit CR Cockroach Lure Sticky Pads RTU

Trappit CR Corner Cockroach Monitor RTU

Trappit CR Lo-Line Cockroach Monitor Trap

Trappit CR Winged Cockroach Monitor RTU

Trappit Fly Bag Fly Killer Trap

Trappit Liquid Wasp Bait Wasp Trap Wasp Lure

Trappit Wasp Bag Disposable Wasp Trap

Trigger Shield Handheld Rechargeable Atomizer with Surface Shield Advanced HOCL 2L

Twine Kentucky Mop Heads

Twine Swift Metal Socket Mop

Tyvek Overshoes - Pair


Ultraviolet Black Light Tracking Torch


Velcro Microfibre Flat Mop Heads

Virusolve Plus Sporicidal Disinfectant Wipes Effective Against Covid-19


Wall Mounted Horizontal Baby Changing Unit - White

WaspBane High Efficiency Wasp Trap - Complete

WaspBane Replacement Bait Chamber

White Climax 5-RS Safety Helmet Hard Hat

White Disposable Polythene Apron

Wide Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes - 5 Metre Kit

Wire Brush

Wooden Broom - 18 Inch

WypAll L10 EXTRA Blue Centrefeed Roll


XL Blue Microfibre Glass Cloth

XL Double Pocket Oven Glove

Xtreme 50 SMS White Coverall Type 5-6


Yellow Latex Gloves


ZuppClean Air Freshener - Cranberry - PK - 6 x 750ml Empty Bottles

ZuppClean Antibac Washing Up Liquid 2x5L

ZuppClean Bio Laundry Powder

ZuppClean Covid Guard Air Sanitiser (Aerosol) 12x500ml

ZuppClean Covid Guard Virucidal Concentrate Fragranced

ZuppClean Covid Guard Virucidal Concentrate Unfragranced

ZuppClean Covid Guard Virucidal Ready To Use (RTU) Fragranced

ZuppClean Covid Guard Virucidal Ready to Use (RTU) Unfragranced

ZuppClean Cranberry Aerosol Air Freshener 6x750ml

ZuppClean Cranberry Air Freshener Concentrate 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Cranberry Air Freshener trigger spray 6x750ml

ZuppClean ECO Carpet Extraction Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Carpet Spot and Stain Cleaner 6x750ml

ZuppClean ECO De-Ionised Water 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Enzymatic Drain Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO EZ Strip 2x5L

ZuppClean Eco Fabric Softener 2 x 5L

ZuppClean ECO Floor Maintainer 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Floor Polish 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Furniture Polish 6x750ml

ZuppClean ECO Glass Cleaner 6x750ml

ZuppClean ECO Glass Wash Detergent 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Eco Glasswash Rinse Aid 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Eco Hard Water Machine Detergent 2 x 5L

ZuppClean ECO Heavy Duty Degreaser 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Kettle Descaler 1L

ZuppClean ECO Kitchen Descaler 2x5L

ZuppClean ECO Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean Eco Multipurpose Cleaner

ZuppClean ECO Neutral Floor Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean Eco Non Bio Laundry Powder

ZuppClean Eco Oven Cleaner 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Eco Oven Cleaner 6 x 750ml

ZuppClean Eco Rinse Aid 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Eco Soft Water Machine Detergent 2 x 5L

ZuppClean ECO Stainless Steel Polish 6x750ml

ZuppClean Econ.10 Washing Up Liquid 2x5L

ZuppClean Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner 12x1L

ZuppClean Heavy Duty Washing Up Liquid 2x5L

ZuppClean Linen Air Freshener Concentrate 2 x 5L

ZuppClean Mould Remover 6x750ml

ZuppClean Non PDCB Channel Blocks 3kg

ZuppClean Odour Neutraliser 6x750ml

ZuppClean PH Neutral Toilet Cleaner 12x1L

ZuppClean Pine Multi Surface Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean Purple Beerline Cleaner 2x5L

ZuppClean Super Detergent Washing Up Liquid

ZuppClean Washroom Cleaner

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